PDF coded segment not reflecting the text

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Stine Rüger
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Dear MAXQDA community,

I have a query regarding coded segment aspect of PDF document. I have coded the text of PDF and it is displayed with a color name. However, in the coded segment when I try to retrive the code, the displayed text is showing some error. Actual text is not displayed. I have attached the screenshot. Looking forward to your solution.

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Stine Rüger

Stine Rüger gepostet 6 Monate her Administrator

Hello and thank you for your question!

This seems like an issue with the text layer of the PDF. Please try to copy and paste the text of the PDF into another document (outside of MAXQDA). Does the same incorrect text come up? In this case, the text layer of the PDF is broken and cannot be fixed within MAXQDA. Probably you will need to do a new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that provides a good text layer and then import the file into MAXQDA again.

You can read more about what an OCR is and how text layers in PDFs work here: https://rossum.ai/dp/ocr-pdf/

To address this issue, please ensure you're using a compatible PDF document and that it's not password-protected or encrypted. Additionally, make sure your MAXQDA software is up to date.

If the problem persists, try reimporting the PDF document to see if that resolves the display error. If not, feel free to share more details or contact our support team for personalized assistance.

I hope this helps!

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,


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