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Posted 26 days ago by Lina Bajrami Khayyat

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Lina Bajrami Khayyat

Is the intercoder agreement only working if we are using the same codes (rather than the same words to code on each of our computers?). For example, if I code a part of text with the code "family", and the other person on their own computer and maxqda account also codes the same part of the text with "family", does this count as intercoder agreement? Or does it only work if we both are working in the same project in the same account, and literally choose the same code as we are clicking it? 

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Wolfgang Meyer posted 21 days ago Admin

Dear Lina,

Thank you for your question. To conduct an intercoder analysis you need to use the same code system (codes with the same name, color, code hierarchy etc). For this, it is usually best to first agree on a code system and then distribute it to all the involved researchers who use this system without making any changes to it. You could create the same code independently and give it the same name, color and position in the code hierarchy (parent and subcodes). However, this leaves room to a lot of error and may cause problems later.

You can read more about intercoder agreement here

I hope this helps! In case of any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,


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