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Posted 26 days ago by Lina Bajrami Khayyat

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Lina Bajrami Khayyat

I am trying to merge two projects together. Two people are working on the same transcripts on each of our computers/accounts, and I want to know if there is a way that after I merge the projects, I can see the same exact transcript with BOTH of our codes on the transcript window (for example my codes on the left side and the other user's codes on the right side). So I not only want both of the codes to appear in the code window, but I want to be able to simultaneously see both codings on the same transcripts. Is this possible in any way? 

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Wolfgang Meyer posted 21 days ago Admin

Dear Lina,

Thank you for this question. You can transfer codes of another person onto the same transcript by using the Teamwork Import/Export. This will apply the codes to your document. You can read more about this here:

However, there is no "comparative" view of the different coders. MAXQDA will not differentiate who has created what codes. However, you can create a new topcode "Codes by Lina" for all of your codes and a new topcode for your colleague "Codes by Coder 2" before transferring the coded data, so you can tell them and keep them apart.

I hope this helps!


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