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Posted 23 days ago by CHEN YIMING

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I haved used the MAXQDA 2022 import the comments from YouTube without any problem. But when I try to use the free trail of MAXQDA 2024 to do the same procedure,  failed in the first movement... It showed cannot find the link... 

Could you help me to find the problem might be? SOS~

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CHEN YIMING posted 13 days ago

Hello Stine,

We are currently waiting for the functional recovery of import YouTube comments. I'm now usding it in Kuala Lumpur, not in China, and I hope to resolve this issue which help a lot for conducting extensive research on online social media engagement. This is one of the primary reasons we prefer and use MAXQDA.
Since other users are experiencing the same issue and it is quite urgent, I hope all goes well and look forward to receiving your further reply. 

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Stine Rüger

Stine Rüger posted 14 days ago Admin

Hello Jan, 

We are diligently working on a fix for importing YouTube comments. We request your continued patience as we seek a permanent solution.

Our ability to provide the service of importing social media data is contingent upon the availability of an API from the respective companies. Currently, as with Twitter, the API has become prohibitively expensive, making it impossible for us to offer this service to our customers. We encourage you to use our feedback form to request data imports from other platforms: MAXQDA Feedback.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us prioritize and continue to deliver the best software for qualitative data analysis.

Best regards, 


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Jan Zeemann posted 15 days ago

Just want to report the same problem, MAXQDA 24.3.0 here and getting the following message when trying to import YouTube comments:

YouTube / Google / Alphabet seem to have changed their stuff again so you have to adjust again. I think it is possible since some tools onine (which cost absurd amounts of money but have free trials for something like 100 comments once) are still able to gather comments for me. 

It is kind of urgent since I want to present a How-To to my students on Thursday, would be great if you can push a hotfix until then. 

Thanks in advance!

Also pretty sad that the Import of Twitter Comments is no longer possible due to API regulations. 

Any plans to support Instagram or other Social Media in the future?

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Stine Rüger

Stine Rüger posted 20 days ago Admin

Hello Sam, 

Thank you for letting us know about the problem importing data from youtube. 

It seems that youtube has changed its limit for importing youtube data. 

We are currently working on a possibility to make the import available again for all users. Please try again to import the comments of your video at a later time and check if it works then. We will inform you as soon as we have a solution. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Best regards, 

MAXQDA Support Team

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Stine Rüger

Stine Rüger posted 21 days ago Admin

Dear Chen, 

the message you show in the screenshot could show, that there is no access to google as this service is restricted in China. Are you using the youtube Import in China? 

Best regards, 

Your MAXQDA Support Team

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Sam Tickell posted 22 days ago

I am having the same problem with MaxQDA 22. It was working fine, now it won't import any comments or data about the video. It will sometimes take a transcript. 

It is quite urgent that this is resolved!

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CHEN YIMING posted 22 days ago

The error showed in the picture...

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