Recovering corrupted project file

Posted 26 days ago by Michał Czepkiewicz

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Michał Czepkiewicz

Hi, is there a way to recover a .mx22 project file that was corrupted due to data saving error? The problem with saving the project was because the disk where it was saved run out of memory space. The project was stored on a local disk (not synced do the cloud). The project file clearly contains data, as it's size is around 11 GB.  When trying to open, the error message is: "MAXQDA cannot open the selected file. The file may already be open, is in the wrong format, or may be corrupt." 

Any advise would be helpful! It contains work of several weeks. The automatic backup was not working at the time due to space constraints.

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Michał Czepkiewicz posted 25 days ago

Dear Stine, thank you! We can access backup files, but they are from a long time ago. We have already submitted a support request, and I will send the details to the team when they contact me. 

Best regards,

Michal Czepkiewicz

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Stine Rüger

Stine Rüger posted 25 days ago Admin

Dear Michal, 

please check your last back up file, if this still works. Then you can work with this file. 

I have created a ticket for you, so that our software support team will contact you, so you can provide your project file for reparation. 

Best regards, 

Your MAXQDA Support Team

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