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Posted 9 days ago by Tess. carlson

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Tess. carlson

I have created a TeamCloud account and my project lead has shared a project with me. I have accepted their invite. However, when I open MAXQDA the project is not appearing under the TeamCloud option. 

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Stine Rüger

Stine Rüger posted 1 day ago Admin

Dear Tess, 

please be sure that you use the same MAXQDA version as the team lead. There are 2 versions of TeamCloud projects (2022 and 24). If you want to work together, all team members have to use the same MAXQDA version. We recommend MAXQDA 24. The upgrade is free in your subscription. 

How to migrate a MAXQDA 2022 TeamCloud project to MAXQDA 24? : MAXQDA Support 

If this is not causing the problem, please contact our software support. 

Best regards, 

Your MAXQDA Support Team

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