How can I be sure that I will not lose my work?

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One of the features of MAXQDA is that it saves your project as a single file with the extension .mx24 on your computer. This file contains all your documents (< 5MB), codes, memos, and other data. However, this also means that you cannot recover your project if you lose your computer by simply reinstalling your license or logging in to your account.

Your project file is similar to a docx file from MS Word. It exists independently from the software MS Word.

Therefore, it is important to create a backup file of your project and store it on an external drive or in the cloud.

How to create a backup?

MAXQDA allows you to back up your projects automatically. If you open a project that has not been backed up by MAXQDA for more than the chosen time interval (for example one day), MAXQDA will save a copy of your project file to a selected folder. MAXQDA automatically adds a date and time stamp to the name of the backup file.

You can choose the location and the time of the backup in the global settings.

To save storage on your computer you can regularly delete older backup files that you no longer need.

Warning: The Automatic backup function is a good safety net, but it does not replace regular, manual backups of your important project files. 

How do I create a manual backup? 

To be on the safe side in case of damage or loss of your device, we strongly recommend that you also create manual backups, which you save on a separate device or cloud storage.

  • Open your project in MAXQDA 
  • Click on Home > Save Project As
  • Choose a folder for example on an external hard drive, fileserver, or cloud storage.
  • Click Save
  • If you have files stored in an external folder, please secure these external filestoo.
    • Click on Home > External Files > Bundel External Data Files
    • Your files from this project will be compressed to a ZIP file in your download folder.
    • Now save this ZIP file on your external hard drive, fileserver, cloud storage, or similar.

You can find more information in the online manual.

How do I restore my project from the manual backup?

If you have lost your device or your project file gets damaged, you can easily restore your project.

  • Copy the backup file to your local hard drive. 
  • Open the backup file with MAXQDA. 
  • If you have external files. 
    • Copy the zipped external files to your local hard drive.
    • Then open Home > External Files > Unpack Bundled Data Files

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