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Posted 11 days ago by Balqisminusu

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Hey everyone! Has someone had the same Problemen as me and knows of a possible solution? 

I just purchased for my MacBook. Download was successful but I cannot open MAXQDA because my MacOS Version is too old. The message is get is: „You can’t use this version of the application „MAXQDA24“ with this version of macOS. You have the macOS 10.12.6. The application required macOS 10.14 or later“.

So I’ve already sent an email to Customer Service and waiting for a reply. I had asked them if there is any chance of recieving an older Version that would be compatible with my macOS. 

I did wanna ask the community here if anyone can also help out! Would be a life saver since I need to use it for analysis.. thank you for taking time! 

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