How do I upgrade my network license to MAXQDA 24?

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 01:35 PM

If you want to upgrade your existing MAXQDA 2022 network license, please update to MAXQDA Netlic V1.6 first.

Upgrade MAXQA Netlic

A) Automatic update

• Open MAXQDA Netlic Manager.

If your server has a connection to the Internet, MAXQDA Netlic should indicate that an update is available.

• Confirm the installation of the upgrade to start the automatic upgrade process.

Please note: For the duration of the installation, which only take 1-2 minutes, the service will be stopped. Please restart it manually afterwards.

B) Manual update

• Open the MAXQDA Netlic Manager and stop the local MAXQDA Netlic Service.

• Close the MAXDQA Netlic Manager.

• Download the new Netlic Manager and unzip the archive:

• Paste all files from the downloaded ZIP archive into the existing „MAXQDA_Netlic“ folder.

• Open the MAXQDA Netlic Manager and start the local MAXQDA Netlic Service to make the service available again. This will also update the version of the service displayed in MAXQDA Netlic Manager.

Upgrade the License

After updating MAXQDA Netlic, you can now upgrade your network license to MAXQDA 24. You can either upgrade the existing MAXQDA 2022 license directly or create a new license for MAXQDA 24.

A) Upgrade of existing license

• Select your MAXQDA 2022 License and click “Extend license period”.

• Enter your MAXQDA 24 serial number.

• Check “Keep client list” to adopt the client list for your MAXQDA 24 license.

• Click “Extend license period” to upgrade.

Please note: This will upgrade the existing license, so users will no longer be able to connect to your MAXQDA 2022 license.

B) New license

• Click “Add license”.

• Assign a name to your license and enter your MAXQDA 24 serial number.

• Click “Add license” to add the license.

Please note: This will create a new MAXQDA 24 license next to the existing license, so users will still be able to connect to your MAXQDA 2022 license.

After activating your MAXQDA 24 license, your MAXQDA 2022 license will automatically be blocked 6 weeks later. After this period, use is no longer permitted.

Upgrade MAXQA 24 on the Clients

Once your MAXQDA 24 license has been set up, make sure to install MAXQDA 24 on your clients. The download links and information on installing MAXQDA 24 on client computers can be found in the installation guide for the network license (page 16 ff.), which is located in the MAXQDA Netlic installation folder.

Download MAXQDA

Installation Guide Network License

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